Do as the locals do! Here are our tips on finding uncrowded surf and the best waves according to current conditions. 

Probably the best known wave in the area, Anchor Point is a long, beautiful, right hand point break. Many surfers across the world are in love with this spot and it can get pretty crowded, which requires a good level of surfing. 

Local tip: The wave works best from low to mid tide on a 2-5 metre NW swell. 

Surf ability: Expert. Entering and exiting from the rocky slabs can be tricky! Watch and learn before trying.

Located south of Taghazout. In small swells Banana Beach has nice and easy left and right beach break waves.

Surf ability: Perfect for beginners.

A powerful right hander with fast walls and open, vertical faces held open by the mountain breezes. An awesome spot frequented by photographers. 
Surf ability: Experts only due to hazardous entry and exit, crowds and size.

A 5 minute drive from Taghazout, south of a rocky headland, it offers punchy lefts and rights. This break works well on 0.5 to 1.5 meter swell.

Surfing ability: Beginners. With a sandy bottom, this is a great spot to learn.

Draculas is a very powerful and fast right-hander with hazardous rocks. A low tide break for experienced surfers only.

Surfing ability: Experienced surfers only.

There are many stories about the name of this surf spot. Most people say it was named after the lazy hash smokers, too stoned to make the short walk to Anchor Point. 

It’s a fast right-hander that works well with large swell, the locals prefer it because it’s right in the centre of Taghazout although other point breaks are of much higher quality.

Surfing ability: Intermediate/Expert

One of the longest-breaking waves in the area. A right-hander that forms over a reef section by the harbour wall and breaks over a sand bottom for up to 500 meters. You can wade out to the line-up, catch the longest ride of your life and walk back up to the point having hardly paddled at all!

Surfing ability: Intermediate

Killer Point is a legendary wave named after the migrating whales that can sometimes be spotted here. The most consistent point-break near Taghazout, it’s a long, powerful right-hander suitable for experienced and competent surfers. Works best on a low tide, otherwise the paddle out can take 15 mins. Though the insides fire at low tide as it’s protected from Northern winds. 

Surfing ability: Expert

The seabed is a mixture of sand and rock reef providing fun lefts and rights from low to high tide for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Surfing ability: Intermediate/Expert

A long right-hander that works on low to mid tide. 

Surfing ability: Intermediate/Advanced

Situated at the edge of Taghazout is this long, mellow right-hand point where you can either jump from the rocks, or just paddle out from the beach depending on the swell size and your ability level. Not as hardcore or as crowded as the more famous point breaks.

Surfing ability: Beginner/Intermediate

When Taghazout is flat, Tamri is the beach break to go to. A one-hour drive from Taghazout, this is a stunning and wild spot, offering a wide beach break. Currents can be is strong but there is a lot of fun waves to be had by all levels including beginners.

Surfing ability: Beginner – Advanced